Our story has neither a beginning nor an end as Nature has always existed

We are very passionate about health, well-being as well as physical and mental nourishment.

Raw Pot was created to bring the power of nature into your life, the highest quality, cleanest beehive’s products, 100% organic, that work -try it for yourself- nourish your body and that taste of nature too. The proof is the effectiveness and how they transform our health as well as their authentic, unadulterated, fresh, raw, natural aroma.

Our mission is clear:  to share with everyone the journey to optimal health by nourishing our bodies with the raw power of Nature and experiencing together the joy of living, the beauty of longevity, vitality and strength through embracing the endless beehive’s most kept secrets to set free long term whole body well-being.

“As bees dance from flower to flower, absorbing the sun and distributing pollen along the way, they emit a healing frequency that promotes soul and emotional restoration. This is something we can’t fully understand on a rational level, but our cells understand. When you make yourself aware of the bees and ask your body to tune its channels to their frequency, all of the cells in your body will start to resonate with this healing vibration.”

Anthony William

I’m AnaMaria, registered Naturopathic Nutritionist and absolutely in love with bees and the superfoods of the hive!
-My story and how it all began COMING SOON-