We only sell in London at the moment, but we are shipping worldwide. Please refer to our STOCKISTS section to find out in which health store you can find our products.

We always source all of our beeehive superfoods from our own apiaries only, which are located in Transylvania. Our beehives are distributed within pre-alpine and alpine regions of Transylvania to ensure the bees pollinate the cleanest and richest flora.

Yes, all our products are 100% organic certified by Soil Association.

That is true, you cannot control where the bees pollinate, that’s why the location is a major factor when it comes to obtaining an organic certification as the areas where the hives are located must be free of genetically modified crops and pollutants.

Another aspect for organic certification refers to the beekeeping standards and how the hive is maintained as well as the bees’ health management which must be without the use of conventional veterinary products such as antibiotics, insecticides, pesticides which they heavily impact the quality of the beehive foods. We use lemon juice and essential oils.

According to literature, bee products are considered vegetarian. Although, bee pollen, honey and propolis are often seen as vegan friendly.

Whereas royal jelly is secreted by the worker bees and it is a vegetarian product by all means, honey, bee pollen and propolis are collected from flowering plants, tree buds, sap flowers and other botanical sources which make them vegan friendly.

We utterly respect everyone’s dietary choice, but it beneficial taking into account that many of our customers following a vegan diet include our products in their lifestyle.