Green Cleansing Smoothie

This is by far one of our favourite green smoothies of all times!

We love combining foods and create natural “medicine” that supports the whole body! This is a refreshing, cleansing and nourishing blend, using only fresh ingredients that are packed with nutrients to naturally detox and to feel recharged and revitalized within moments!

A powerful blend to stimulate kidney activity to flush toxins out of the system, reduce inflammation, boost immunity and provide protection against pollution, toxins, stress, etc!

Expect to glow! 🙂


  • bunch of parsley
  • handful of spinach
  • fresh ginger root
  • fresh turmeric root
  • whole lemon (ensure it’s unwaxed and organic)
  • water


  • 1 or 2 tsp Raw Pot raw, fresh, organic bee pollen


  1. Blend all ingredients except the bee pollen
  2. When ready, add the bee pollen

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