HONEY and the fear of SUGAR

Honey and sugar

Almost everyone has some fears about honey, thinking that it’s sugar.

Let’s shatter them all:

When a bee lands on a flowering plant, it gets all the information and the genetic material of that particular plant, all encased in a form of nutrition, nutrients that us, humans cannot access.

The plant information, pollen and nectar get processed, going into various biochemical transformations under the influence of bees enzymes.

These enzymes are unique in nature, and are thousands of them, and the best carriers of nutrients to get right into our cells.

The nectar from plants is the glucose, that glucose that people fear the most, also known as “sugar”- gathered from hundred of plant species and saturated with thousands of phytochemicals, it’s healing glucose that turns into pure medicine.

These phytonutrients have potent anti-pathogenic activity, offer cellular protection against oxidative stress, radiation, heavy metal exposure.

All of these phytochemicals enter our cells and have the ability to restore the damage from various stressors or and brings us back on feet.

Glucose and fructose in raw honey are living sugars-nothing like processed sugar, table sugar or sweeteners.

These living sugars have been around for centuries and saved human life during drastic times of starvation, and still is the food for our survival and one of the foods that heals.

When you hear again “Honey? Oh, that’s sugar!” remember that unprocessed, raw honey is alive and has got God-given powers to revive and make us thrive.




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