How to use raw honey?


In order for honey to retain its medicinal properties, it must be consumed in a natural state, raw as found in the beehive. This means that honey must be unfiltered, unheated/unpasteurized, untreated and completely RAW.

In addition, bees should be harvesting from wild, organically grown plants. This aspect is of major importance not only for the final quality of the raw honey, ultimately impacting our health, but also for the health of the bees impacting their capacity to produce nutrient dense foods.

Raw honey is totally different to honey and has totally different uses. As you might use honey in cooking, baking, teas and hot drinks, you can’t do the same with raw honey as you not only destroy the active principles, but also turning certain molecules into potentially damaging compounds that you do not want to ingest.

But how to incorporate RAW HONEY into our diet and lifestyle?

Here are 10 tips from us:

1.🍯 Add honey to your lemon water in the morning (water at room temperature)

2.🍯 Use honey as a sweetener in your recipes, add it to porridge, cereals, yogurts, etc

3.🍯 Use a pea size amount of honey to cleanse and exfoliate your skin

4.🍯 Use honey to sweeten your drinks (lemonades, chocolate, lattes, smoothies, juices, etc)

5.🍯 Add honey to salad dressings, marinades, vinaigrettes, dips

6.🍯 Drizzle honey on your breakfast such as on yogurts, pancakes, (rice, chia) puddings, on toast

7.🍯 Add honey to your nut butter sandwich

8.🍯 Use honey medicinally, a teaspoon a day for immunity, longevity, beauty

9.🍯 Use honey in emergencies such as skin burns, cuts, rashes

10.🍯 Use honey to make your own face mask

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