Make your own HEALTH BOOSTER

raw honey

Hello honeys!

I LOVE making my personalised api-therapeutic HEALTH BOOSTER tailored to my health needs.

I alternate a lot using different blends of raw, plain honey with bee pollen and/or royal jelly or both, depending on how I feel, but I tend to do one month protocol, then have a break and then following other blend.

This is how I do it:


Organic Raw Honey and Raw Bee Pollen blend

I use 2 parts raw honey with 1 part raw bee pollen, then I mix well and keep the elixir refrigerated.


Because, when raw bee pollen is mixed with raw honey, you can keep the blend refrigerated up to 2 years.

Raw, unadulterated honey is a natural preservative and has great affinity with other raw bee products, working in complete synergy.


Use 1/2 to 1tsp/day in the morning or afternoon.

Ensure the body is well hydrated before taking your dose.

I use this blend anytime I feel I need a vitamin boost, when I do not have enough time to organize my meals and feel like some nutrients are not present in my diet, whenever I feel overworked, stressed out, tired, low in energy, want to adjust/normalize body weight, boost immune system and gut health and have a high antioxidant intake to support skin health-this blend is the go-to, LOVE IT TO BITS!


Organic Raw Honey and Raw Royal Jelly

I use half jar of raw honey 175g mixed with one full pot 20g of royal jelly. Mix this very well with a wooden or silver spoon and keep this tonic refrigerated.


Take every day 1tsp on an empty stomach or in between meals.

As with any raw bee product, ensure the body is well hydrated before taking your dose.

I love this blend, it’s literally “beauty” in a jar!

It’s a treat and use it anytime I feel sluggish and need a quick recovery, also for mental performance, when going for a meeting and need to be focused and alert, after strenuous exercise or a stressful period to counteract to oxidative damage, before an event to feel at my best and have my skin glowing as well as using it as a longevity tonic!

Simply SPA for your longevity cells!


Organic Raw Honey mixed with Raw Bee Pollen and Raw Royal Jelly

I use 200g raw honey, 100g raw bee pollen and 20g (1 pot of royal jelly). Mix this well with a wooden or silver spoon and keep this beauty refrigerated.


Take every day 1tsp in the morning or in between meals, making sure you drank enough fluid beforehand.

This mixture can be used any time of the year, an all round remedy to support all body functions!

It aids immune system, gastro-intestinal health, hormonal system, helping increase energy production!

A great, natural way to vitaminize your body!

I would love to hear how you get on using these blends and if you have any question, I would love to hear from you!


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