“Beauty” Bundle

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This trio is simply an “internal cosmetic” as beauty starts with the glow of good health, which always shines from within!

Rich in antioxidants, all B vitamins spectrum, including B12, enzymes, probiotics, amino-acids,  minerals and other nutrients only found in raw royal jelly in nature that stimulate collagen and exert a dramatic effect on cell function the body needs to rebuild and regenerate retaining for as long as possible the youthful freshness of the body, the elasticity of the mind and psychic buoyancy of feeling happy.

As beauty means health and health is happiness!




The “Beauty” Bundle consists of:

1 X Organic RAWyal Honey

1 X Organic Raw Royal Jelly

1 X Organic Raw Propolis


Suggested use:

The health benefits have been studied on both internal and topical use.


Royal Jelly and propolis could both be incorporated into the RAWyal Honey, serving 1 tsp/day.

If consumed separately:

Organic RAWyal Honey: 1-2 tsp preferably first part of the day with or without foods/drinks (room temperature only). Let it melt in the mouth.

Organic Raw Royal Jelly: 1 tsp/day, first thing in the morning or in between meals. Keep under the tongue to melt and then swallow slowly.

Organic Raw Propolis: 1 drop per 1kg/body weight, once to three times/day, approx. average dose 1-2 tsp. Best to take before bed time, away from food.


Organic Raw Royal Jelly keeps the skin supple, helps the skin to retain moisture, providing nourishment that aids in the regeneration of the cells.

Organic RAWyal Honey is highly enzymatic, which encourages exfoliation, making it even easier for skin to absorb the moisturizing and cell rejuvenating elements naturally present, while deeply hydrating (perfect humectant)

Organic Raw Propolis: used to nourish, tone, balance, soothe, calm and restore inflammatory skin concerns due to its potent antiseptic, anti-inflammatory proprieties.

For more info, please see each product description and recommended uses.


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