“Multi-vitamin” Bundle

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What if nourishing all your body systems is the key to long health and wellbeing? What if consuming nutrients that the body can recognize, utilize and absorb is an act capable of transformation?

Beehive superfoods straight from nature, containing a plethora of raw nutrients, all naturally occurring to completely rejuventate your body inside out!






The “Multi-vitamin” Bundle consists of:

1 X Organic RAWyal Honey

1 X Organic Raw Bee Pollen

1 X Organic Raw Royal Jelly

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1 review for “Multi-vitamin” Bundle

  1. Alexandra

    Best bee products and I have tried so so many. Quality is unbeatable. Entire family is using all three on a daily basis. My hay fever symptoms have vanished and kids are far more resistant to viruses other kids pick up at school. Have recommended the products to many friends.

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Transylvania, Romania
Sourcing from our own apiaries only
Supports gastro-intestinal health
Promotes healthy skin, hair, nails
Strengthens immunity
Stimulates detoxification and weight stabilization
Boosts brain function
Supports vision and cardiovascular health
Increases energy, stamina, strength
Encourages hormonal balance
Aid in longevity and anti-aging