“Longevity” Bundle

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What if the bees offer the most kept secret for long health ?

Bee products have been the staple food for all longevity diets and blue zone cultures and have registered history among the most long-lived people around the world.

Bee pollen also known as “the life giving dust”, followed by the RAWyal Honey, “the foods of the Gods”, along with the royal jelly, the jewel of health known as “liquid gold” and propolis, “the defender” of the body are the best kept secrets of the gods that only them were allowed to eat to maintain vigour, youth, strength, vitality and live a long, healthy life.

When consumed together they create the best synergy for our cells to vibrate at their highest frequency!

-Bee healthy, feel unique and look fabulous!-








The “Longevity” Bundle consists of:

1 X Organic RAWyal Honey

1 X Organic Raw Propolis

1X Organic Raw Bee Pollen

1 X Organic Raw Royal Jelly


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Transylvania, Romania
Sourcing from our own apiaries only