Organic Raw Bee Bread With Royal Jelly In Honey

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ORGANIC RAW BEE BREAD WITH ROYAL JELLY IN HONEY, artisan-crafted honey, alive, naturally fermented within the beehive for a period of three months featuring a high enzyme and friendly microorganisms’ capacity.

From bees that feed exclusively on the same foods they create and pollinate on wild, non-gmo, pesticide, herbicide and completely chemical-free plants.

Artisanal beehive food made in limited batches.

Organic Raw Bee Bread with Royal Jelly in Honey, a three-month fermented blend to help restore and support overall wellbeing.

Bee bread is the pollen harvested by bees and fermented in the natural conditions of the hive. The pollen brought into the hive is mixed with honey and enzymes from the bees’ saliva and introduced into the honeycomb cell. Here, under the influence of substances added by bees, microorganisms, high temperature and humidity in the hive, it goes through a series of biochemical transformations and structural changes This intricate process ultimately gives rise to the remarkable substance we recognize as BEE BREAD.

Organic raw honeydew honey, organic raw bee bread, organic raw royal jelly, organic cold pressed oil from Sicilian lemons.

Certified Organic by Soil Association

Harvested in Transylvania, from our own apiaries only. 

Free from preservatives, colourings, stabilizers, and any other additives

Note: Natural colour and texture of our ORGANIC RAW BEE BREAD AND ROYAL JELLY IN HONEY (bits of honey crystals, foam, beeswax) is from the raw, unheated and unfiltered nature of the honey. This is proof of its purity. 

Suitable for vegetarians


If new to raw honey start small amounts and gradually increase your dose.

Ensure you are well hydrated before taking any RAW bee product due to their high potency.

Adults and children over the age of 1 year

Children over 1: 2.5-5g (1/2-1tsp) per day in between meals

Adults: 10g (2tsp) per day in between meals.

Consult your healthcare practitioner before taking our Organic Raw Bee Bread and Royal Jelly in Honey.


Use on its own or added to yogurt, juices, smoothies.

Store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight and once opened keep refrigerated.

Why refrigerated?

Because its bee bread and royal jelly content is raw, never pasteurized.

This goes well with…

What Customers Say

25 reviews for Organic Raw Bee Bread With Royal Jelly In Honey

  1. M.a (verified owner)

    Tastes delicious which I didn’t expect. Found it gives me energy. Kids have recovered quickly from chicken pox.

  2. Andreea B. (verified owner)

    Extraordinary products, I have been purchasing from this company for a while now and I am very satisfied of the products. I cannot wait to try more and more of the items they bring to us. I trust the products, they are genuine, no additives, no fake ingredients, only natural goodies.

  3. Lisa Goldblatt (verified owner)

    I love all Raw Pot products but this has become my favourite. Its absolutely delicious and I know its doing great things for my body at the same time. A great addition and a real treat.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Delicious and gives energy

  5. Ahmed Ali (verified owner)

    My year-long pain, indigestion, and bloating getting eased from the first day I started taking it, it’s kind of cleaning my year-long troubled gut on my first day only and today’s my second. Please keep my cart for next week I already have 2 jars on it. Thanks

  6. Illona Dagdalianidou (verified owner)

    Amazing taste and quality. Probably the best honey I have ever tried.

  7. Ed K. (verified owner)

    I just loved it. I have bought bee-bread elsewhere, but I like this much better

  8. Loredana (verified owner)

    Delicious ,for sure we will see results soon 🤩

  9. Maria (verified owner)

    Very surprised with the speed of my first delivery. Ordered 3.00pm Friday and arrived the next day, Saturday morning! Beautifully packaged, with care and attention. I was so impressed I ordered again for a gift- knowing it would arrive on time and had the ‘wow’ factor when opening the box. As for the product, it is exceptional in flavour and texture. The attention to detail and delivery is excellent and I would not hesitate to order again. Thank you for your care and attention. Hugely appreciated!

  10. Asima (verified owner)

    Lovely and naturally sweet. You can tell it’s organic. I’ve been taking a teaspoon every morning.

  11. Eva (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious!
    I am committed in supporting this small family run business.
    They put their 💗 into what what they do and in turn, I want to support them the same way they support my families well being and boosting our immunity.

  12. Lisa Henderson (verified owner)

    best ever!!!

  13. Loredana (verified owner)

    Delicious ,so many benefits ,we love it ,thanks again for all the yummy products you deliver for us

  14. Andreea B. (verified owner)

    Best ever products I could find. I am coming back to this shop every time I need bee products.

  15. Noelle (verified owner)

    Delicious and perfect addition to using the bee pollen. Lovely product.

  16. Andreea (verified owner)

    Amazing product, loaded with healthy ingredients.

  17. Simona (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious and my gut loves it!!

  18. Lisa G. (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. Its my go to feel good, yummy bee product that heals.

  19. Marie-Elsa Roche Bragg (verified owner)

    Unusual rich and nutritious

  20. Julia S. (verified owner)

    This is absolutely delicious. I have 2 teaspoons a day. Still early days so can’t comment on feeling any different but I’m enjoying this product, it has an amazing taste

  21. Maria (verified owner)

    Utterly delicious with a beautiful intense flavour of nature. Only a small amount needed for a full rich flavour. Should be entered for a Great Taste Award!

  22. Adriana W. (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, I use it every day to boost my immune system and energy levels and I also noticed I sleep better.

  23. Andreea B. (verified owner)

    Sooo healthy! I m so glad it exists.

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    100% real honey. It tastes amazing

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love this mix of bee’s goodness. It’s so flavoursome and knowing how healthy it is adds 🍒 on the top of it. Thank you 🙏 🐝 💖

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