Organic Raw Royal Jelly

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ORGANIC RAW ROYAL JELLY, raw and untreated-just as it’s found in the beehive.
Our 10-HDA content is always more than 2%.

Freshly harvested from our apiaries and frozen immediately-the only way to capture the health benefits of its raw state.

From bees that feed exclusively on the same foods they create and pollinate on wild, non-gmo, pesticide, herbicide, and completely chemical-free plants.

Artisanal beehive food made in limited batches.

ORGANIC RAW ROYAL JELLY is a substance with functional value produced by the young bees, considered the most valuable product of the beehive.

Our 10-HDA content is always more than 2% and it is naturally occurring, not added synthetically.

What is 10-HDA?
10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid is an unique, active compound which is known to exist only in royal jelly in nature.

10-HDA content is used as an index to determinate the quality and authenticity of royal jelly which is responsible for the health supporting benefits that royal jelly.

This content varies depending on the characteristic of the bees as well as the origin of the royal jelly.

100% organic raw royal jelly.

Certified Organic by Soil Association

Harvested in Transylvania, from our own apiaries only.

Free from sugars, colourings, preservatives, stabilizers, and any other additives.

Ensure you are well hydrated before taking any RAW bee product due to their high potency.

If new to raw royal jelly, start with trace amounts and build up gradually.

Before opening, bring the jar to room temperature for a few minutes and once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 15-20 days.

Take 1g daily (1 teaspoon*) in the morning or at lunch time before food.

Teaspoon*provided in the box and measures 1g.

Consult your physician during pregnancy and breastfeeding before taking our raw royal jelly.


Take first thing in the morning or in between meals, keep under the tongue until it starts to melt and then swallow slowly.

For apitherapy use, mix it with Organic Raw Honey and/or organic raw bee pollen.

Store in the freezer or store refrigerated.

Freezer life: 2 years

Fridge life: 6 months

Why frozen or refrigerated?
Because it’s 100% raw, fresh, living food, unprocessed – just as found in the beehive!

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What Customers Say

67 reviews for Organic Raw Royal Jelly

  1. Anya Iasii

    Amazing products! genuine stuff! will def buy again

  2. Susan Mann

    I’m blown away! Omg the freshness and the quality of these products! I can feel they work! I am beyond excited! I use the bee pollen in the morning in smoothie and in the yogurt with cereals for my 6 year old.
    I also take the royal jelly mixed with honey and it’s helping my skin and hair.

  3. Julia

    I started to use the royal jelly on the skin with jojoba oil as advised by Anna Marie and it is so wonderful! My skin is fresh and wrinkle free! Thank you for the great advice!

  4. Matt

    I spend long hours talking to people very day at the office and I use this royal jelly for brain and memory. It’s fantastic. Helps my focus and feel smarter. Thank you.

  5. Jack (verified owner)

    Great quality royal jelly with a fresh taste! Have already started to see benefits in my digestion and overall well-beeeeing .

  6. Andreea Manga

    My daughter had eczema on her face for a long time.We have tried a lot of things, from medication to raw, organic and cold pressed oils, creams and butters; nothing helped for too long. One day we met Ana Maria who told us about Royal Jelly and had my daughter try it together with the bee pollen and the honey. It was absolutely incredible how the royal jelly worked overnight on my daughter’s eczema after only one use. Now, after a week of using the royal jelly once a day the eczema is almost gone. I feel more than thankful. I will tell everyone about it and how it helped us.

  7. Tina

    I used this as a supplement to boost fertility, my sample size is 1, but I certainly felt amazing after taking it and my treatment worked. I will be buying it again

  8. Beatrice Thomas (verified owner)

    Top quality products, carefully packaged and super fast delivery. Ethical and vibrant company. Highly recommended!

  9. Sherine Ramadan (verified owner)

    I use royal jelly for cognitive function, with no doubt, it increases my concentration and memorization ability. I love it, thank you Raw pot team for Excellent and fast service, I am over the moon with my parcel, many thanks.

  10. Louise C. (verified owner)

    Arrived very quickly after my order. Loved the little freebies too.

  11. Katie Cassidy (verified owner)

    Great product fast delivery!

  12. Sonia (verified owner)

    Tastes fresh however I do think in comparison to some other companies who also offer the same product, this is slightly on the pricier side. Great advice from the founder on how to take and loved my little sample of bee pollen which I shall be buying.

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)


  14. Huda Alghrich (verified owner)

    Very good quality and fresh .

  15. Brenda Lambert (verified owner)

    I was super impressed with the super quick delivery of the Royal Jelly units that I purchased from Raw Pot Health. So far I’ve experienced no issues with this product which appear to be of superior quality.

  16. Ali Dahi (verified owner)

    It’s good

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent ?

  18. Alice (verified owner)

    Pleased with my purchase, fantastic products.

  19. Alice S. (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice product, nice company

  21. mihaela robu (verified owner)

    I think it is good,I am waiting for results.

  22. Alice S. (verified owner)

    Great quality as always

  23. mihaela robu (verified owner)

    Their products are superior quality, this royal jelly is a miracle, since I stared to use it my health contiditon improved so much. Definitely I would recommend Raw Pot.

  24. Marie

    Wonderful products. I have been taking: Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, and Propolis for a little over two months now. My skin is radiant and smoother. I have more energy and a better night’s sleep. One of the best Royal Jelly on the market.

  25. Lisa (verified owner)

    The best royal jelly I have ever taken.

  26. katie (verified owner)

    Love this product quick delivery also

  27. Alan Riley (verified owner)

    We are really pleased with the royal jelly. Even after only a week we seem to be more energised . We have slept better and the aches and pains have decreased. Would highly recommend it.

  28. Alan Riley (verified owner)

    We have been using Royal Jelly for just over 3 weeks , We have found that we now have more energy . It exceeds all our expectations and we would recommend it to anyone .

  29. Lisa (verified owner)

    I want to thank AnaMarie so much for her taking the time to read my story of health concerns. And for providing me with a 3-mont API – Therapeutic Protocol personalized dosage recommendation and providing literature based on my age, weight, and whole-body wellbeing.

    It made it so much easier for me to get the best out of all the bee products. I never knew taking Royal Jelly under the tongue makes for better absorption. Or taking bee pollen in water on empty stomach 30 minutes before a meal would aid in absorption. From what I have read in the literature bee pollen can help normalize metabolism and digestion.

    Also, taking the combo propolis with vitamin c from rosehip makes sense. Rosehip contains both vitamin P (bioflavonoids) and vitamin c and they are potent and powerful in promoting collagen and youthful elasticity to the skin.

    I am now feeling like my realty self. And my skin is smoother and glows due to the royal jelly! Your loyal customer Lisa

  30. Trevor (verified owner)

    Great product

  31. Amarni (verified owner)

    Since starting fresh royal jelly, I could tell this is much better quality than anything you could get on Amazon. It helped me through a difficult cold and overactive nervous system that stops me from falling asleep easily. Royal jelly is so full of neurotransmitters and fatty acids that I’m sure is helping to balance and protect my brain from any oxidative stress, so would recommend it for anyone that is trying to improve a difficult illness or general health with no idea where to start, I’m glad that I tried this, Natures miracle in a bottle!!

  32. Laura F. (verified owner)

    Quality product, fast delivery. Thank you.

  33. Micaela (verified owner)

    …full of goodness, exactly like the one I used to be forced to eat when I was little. Great packaging and fast service make the hole purchase experience an absolute pleasure, so Thank You!

    • AnaMaria (store manager)

      Wonderful to hear! Thank you so much for your kind words!

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing high quality product. Excited to add this into my daily health routine!

  35. Harsha (verified owner)

    Raw and powerful for sure.

  36. Solange (verified owner)

    Very efficient with delivery. Totally love the detail in the packaging and keeping the bees products at the correct temperature. Absolutely love all the bees I purchased. Used all before from other brands, the royal jelly I’ve taken in capsules but never had the real deal until I came across raw pot. Received a free, small jar of the bee pollen just taste so much more delicious and fresher than organic ones I’ve purchased elsewhere. A bit to early to review on taking all the bees and their benefits. The only negative for me is the pot the royal jelly comes in. Lovely small glass pot but the lid is a bit difficult for me to open and close. Would be better if it could open more easily and to seal.

  37. ED K. (verified owner)

    I have more and I can only say a Finer energy when I use the products I get from rawpothealth. I beleve in them

  38. Lisa (verified owner)

    It has been over 12 months since I included Raw Pots bee pollen and Royal Jelly into my daily routine. I have more stamina and, energy. Also, my skin, hair and nails look fantastic.

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It’s been really good I have h pylori and i feel great just taking after 3 days

  40. Sonila (verified owner)

    Very good delivery very quick and it came packed frozen
    A fantastic product I will recommend to everyone children adults 👍
    I bought for my 8year old son which he has it every morning with breakfast.

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  42. Alex C. (verified owner)

    mixed with pollen and honey on an empty stomach gives you wings.

  43. Esther (verified owner)

    I bought Royal Jelly to try and boost my energy levels as nothing else seemed to have worked. I have only been taking it for a week but already feel the benefit of doing so. Instead of having a nap every afternoon and then feeling drowsy, I am now able to go for a pleasant, invigorating walk and then do something productive at home. Early days, but the future now seems brighter.

  44. Natalie B. (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly and very well packaged to remain cold. Product was still completely frozen when box opened and gave me assurance the product is fresh .

  45. izegbuwa (verified owner)

    This product has given me a spring in my step. I’m feeling so much more flexible and energetic. I’m loving this product too💛

  46. Sami

    Amazing product
    100% high quality therefore very effective.

  47. Loredana G. (verified owner)

    Powerful,mainly I used for my skin ,for 1 week,it is wow ,healing ,hydrating,I m sure for long term it helps a lot ,and I will choose this instead of masks and creams,thank you

  48. Luca (verified owner)

    I love that! It’s super fresh and delicious

  49. Fiona (verified owner)

    Very promising! Tastes great and is wonderful on the skin too. Will buy again.

  50. Daniel (verified owner)

    Great immune boosting benefits! You can tell it is high quality just from the taste of it. Will be buying again for certain as it makes me feel so alive!

  51. Illona Dagdalianidou (verified owner)

    I call this a magic potion. Such a good quality and nice taste from all royal jellies I tried in the past.

  52. Rachel (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! First time taking and I have high hopes for this longterm! x

  53. Olivia Opeldus (verified owner)

    Good on the skin

  54. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Bought for health benefits and not the taste ! skin is softer and hair in better condition

  55. Esther A. (verified owner)

    I had tried the Organic Raw Royal Jelly a few months ago to alleviate chronic fatigue and found my energy levels boosted beyond my wildest dreams. I did not reorder thinking it was beyond my means, but the fatigue returned a couple of months after stopping to take it. Now, after just a few days of the daily dose of the Royal Jelly I can already feel the benefits of this super food. It is well worth every penny spent on it.

  56. Kate (verified owner)

    First time using this product, it’s only been a few days but all good so far.😄

  57. Jonanthan D. (verified owner)

    This pure royal jelly is brilliant.
    I mix the whole 20g (using a wooden spoon!) into the honey with royal jelly to make a more potent royal jelly honey that keeps well in the fridge for easy everyday use. So many health benifits. Amazing!

  58. Lisa (verified owner)

    I can’t do without the Royal Jelly. My skin is smooth and youthful.

  59. Paul F. (verified owner)

    I have been royal jelly before but Raw Pot royal jelly is in a different league, world class. I believe it’s the way the bees are cared for which produces such an excellent product. The packing of the product and the DHL delivery service is also first class.

  60. Zana (verified owner)

    Fast delivery.

  61. Konstantinos F. (verified owner)

    Very good quality and I like the box and package..very professional

  62. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The little lid is extremely difficult to take on and off the jar.
    I found the instructions re freezing and refrigeration confusing. And what is the pollen for?

    • AnaMaria (store manager)

      Thank you for taking the time and share your feedback with us.
      Totally understand the tightness of the lid and perhaps the difficulty to open, it’s this way to avoid oxygen exposure to preserve the potency of the raw royal jelly. Please ensure that you remove the seal before taking off the lid.
      Regarding storage instructions, we apologize for any confusion. To clarify, our royal jelly can be stored in two ways for optimal freshness:

      Freezer Life: Up to 2 years – Simply place the jar in the freezer to extend its shelf life and retain its nutritional value for an extended period.
      Fridge Life: Up to 6 months in a selaed condition – Alternatively, store the jar refrigerated for shorter-term storage, maintaining its freshness and efficacy and once opened consume within 20 days.
      We hope this clarification helps and ensures your royal jelly stays at its best.

      As for the raw bee pollen, it serves as a natural source of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antixodants and protein. Adding raw bee pollen to your diet can provide additional health benefits as seen in many studies available.

      We’re here if you have any questions!

  63. Adriana W. (verified owner)

    After finishing the little pot I have more energy and sleep better. Outstanding packaging, it came with a little measuring spoon and a certificate of authenticity, great.

  64. Olga (verified owner)

    I received this royal jelly in a very well packaged box, to preserve the quality of the product.Very qood quality 👌

  65. Carol Bailey (verified owner)

    True Alchemy and pure liquid Gold. I take Royal jelly along with the Bee pollen and my whole wellbeing has improved both physically,mentally and spirituality. I have so much gratitude to the bees and Raw pot for bringing to the collective awareness the benefits Bee products and the crucial part they play within the ecosystem.

  66. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Another lovely product, to enjoy everyday.

  67. ANASTASIA G. (verified owner)

    Very good quality, thank you!

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