Raw bee pollen for your EYESIGHT

Did you know that raw, fresh, frozen BEE POLLEN contains all the carotenoids found in Nature?

It is the perfect food for eyesight, particularly rich in two types of carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin that make up our retina.

Plus, it makes our heart shout for joy as it has a strong, protective effect on the whole cardiovascular system!

Simply add 1 tsp of raw bee pollen to your favourite beverage!

We love it with carrot juice for maximum carotenoids!

Raw bee pollen eyesight


Photo: Raw Pot Raw Fresh Bee Pollen, Organic dirty carrots freshly squeezed juice

2 thoughts on “Raw bee pollen for your EYESIGHT

  1. Margaret Peatfield says:

    I am just starting the fresh bee pollen and as advised have taken one seed then two. Feel slightly nauseous is this normal? I find it difficult to work out how much to take and when.

    1. Ana Maria says:

      Hi Margaret,

      It is very important to ensure the body is hydrated before taking any RAW beehive product.

      Raw, fresh bee pollen has a natural, potent, detoxifying effect, helping the body to eliminate toxic compounds and nausea can be a sign of the cleansing process. We recommend to start with one to two granules and gradually increase every day with few more granules until you reach 1/2-1 tsp/day.
      At the moment, I would suggest to reduce your intake to one granule per day for a week or until symptoms of nausea disappear and from there start building up your dose adding one granule every day until you reach 1/2 tsp/day.
      Also, we recommend to take it first part of the day, morning or lunch time as it can be quite stimulating for evening time, mixed in juices, smoothies, raw honey, muesli, or simply on its own, ensuring you had at least 500 ml of water prior to taking raw bee pollen.

      Let us know how you get on! We would love to hear from you!

      Wishing you great health!

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