Raw Bee Pollen, sacred nutrition

Raw Pot Organic Raw Bee Pollen

Raw Bee Pollen, sacred nutrition.

In its raw state, bee pollen is considered the most complete food found in nature, it contains all essential free-form amino acids, minerals, vitamins, including the rare vitamin B12, probiotics, enzymes and antioxidants and as a result it can be used as a natural “multi-vitamin”.

longevity smoothie

Organic Raw Bee Pollen, harvested at cold and kept frozen at all times.

A versatile superfood with multiple health benefits!

Whether taken to support the immune system, boost energy levels or restore intestinal flora, the beauty of taking raw bee pollen is that you get to see results on your skin quality, hair, vitality, moods and general wellbeing.

We love to take it in the morning with a touch of raw honey or sprinkled in a smoothie?

How you take your bee pollen? Let us know!

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