Sustainable beekeeping

Sustainable beekeeping

We are madly in love with bees, beekeeping, beehive superfoods, health, glowing skin, euphoric feelings, sustained energy, sharp brain, and longevity!

Raw bee products are packed with goodness and have been shown to support health and wellbeing.

We believe that healthy bees are happy bees!

You’ll never find glyphosate or other herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, antibiotics, genetically modified compounds in our beehive superfoods!

All these pesticides and insecticides contaminate the bee colony and its products and are very dangerous for bees and human health too.

We do things differently here, the health of our beehives is managed through using essential oils and propolis exclusively.

Our bees feed on the same foods they create and never with sugars or any other substitutes they are not meant to have.

Choose wisely.

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