Deciphering the beehive's secrets

The nutritional complexity of the beehive is vast and the foods from the sacred beehive are remarkable for their potential to transform the human body in different ways.

Bees travel from some of the most mana-filled areas of nature. What this means is they are absorbing the intrinsic factors of nature and these energies are giving us that direct connection when we consume these foods in their raw state. Each one of these foods has its own properties that make them complete nutrition sources and excellent foods for a longevity diet. When combined, they become a power house of nutrition that the body could recognize, absorb, utilize and store in the body for future needs.

Medical trials around the world have shown that beehive’s foods are an excellent support in improving and maintaining our health, not only through their nutritional content which is a true fuel for our wellbeing, but also for their ability to be totally assimilated by our body without any effort.

Used and loved by many health professionals, bodybuilders and Olympic athletes to increase strength, vitality and endurance, bee pollen is considered the greatest bodybuilder on Earth. (François Huber)

Royal Jelly rejuvenates and regenerates the body, thereby inhibiting the aging process, being an extraordinary source of folate and raw bee pollen rejuvenates us at the cellular DNA level with enzymes, B vitamins, complete protein and polysaccharides.” (David Wolfe)

“Propolis is notable for its antioxidant properties, its concentrated  flavonoids, playing a great role in cellular aging and degradation of health.” (‪Prof. Dr. Vijay D Wagh)

Royal Jelly is the most prominent valuable, rejuvenatory substance for reviving the body, repairing damaged tissues and rejuvenating the cells for function.” (Dr. H. W. Schmidt)

Dr. Saenz of the Pasteur Institute explained the fact that royal jelly is the richest source of a potent anti-aging factor. “

Just a reminder: always be cautious when using raw bee products and remember RAW bee products are different to bee products!