Why choose Raw pot?

Because each of our pots holds the essence of the beehives.
What sets us apart?
We know exactly what’s in every single pot we offer.
Our commitment to sourcing from our own beehives exclusively ensures our products remain 100% raw, organic, and unadulterated.
We strongly believe that genuine bee products have the potential to genuinely transform your well-being.
Equally, we advocate for the joy and health of our bees, nourishing them with the very same foods they create to produce the most exquisite beehive offerings.

Certified organic

We know that happy, healthy bees create the finest quality beehive superfoods and we’re utterly committed to nurturing their health and wellbeing.


100% raw

Our bee products are completely raw. Heat and chemicals are never involved. As a result, some of them are being kept frozen from the harvesting point.

What bees eat matter

Our bees eat what they produce, no substitutes. Their health is protected without antibiotics or pesticides.


Fresh artisanal limited production

Rare and precious beehive superfoods harvested from our apiaries are crafted in small artisanal batches to maintain all the goodness. As we source from our own beehives only, our production is always limited.

Handcrafted in Transylvania

Our products hail from the heart of unspoiled Transylvania in Romania – a realm of pristine fields, hills, forests, and meadows where time seems to remain frozen, and a traditional way of life prevails. This unique diversity of flora creates an ideal haven for beekeeping.

Due to Romania’s strategic location at the confluence of various biogeographical regions, its flora boasts species of diverse origins and distribution. This makes Romanian bee fauna one of the richest and varied in Europe.


Apitherapeutic formulas

Professionally handcrafted wholesome formulas suitable for the whole family and following the principles of apitherapy. All our products are free of additives such alcohol, glycerine, propylene glycols.


We believe that sustainable beekeeping is not only a captivating way to explore the natural world, but also a vital step in preserving a healthy environment. We provide bees a safe haven where they can thrive without overharvesting and collecting only small amounts, leaving the rest for bee’s nourishment.

Raw Pot stands as a testament to our dedication to raising awareness about saving the bees and practicing sustainable beekeeping – a practice that contributes positively to biodiversity.



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