Why Raw Pot?

Because NOT all bee products are created equal!

In a world where genetically-modified and chemically loaded foods are on an increase, bee products production is no exception.  We encourage everyone to read labels, question your supplier and make an informed decision when it comes to bee products!



Organic means working with nature, not against it and we know that happy, healthy bees produce the finest quality beehive superfoods and we are utterly committed to nurturing the health of our bees!


All our bee products are 100% RAW, straight from the beehive- we never expose our bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis or honey to heat or chemicals in any way as then they become something else, sadly something with no value.

What bees eat matters

Our bees feed on the same foods they create and never with sugar or any other substitutes they are not meant to have! The health of our bees is managed without the use of conventional veterinary products such as antibiotics, pesticides, insecticides.

Have you ever wondered what bees are fed in a conventional or mass-produced bee products production? Here, it’s getting interesting and will leave that with you for your own research.


Freshly harvested by the beekeeper and frozen immediately!


All our products are coming from the heart of clean, green Transylvania, a region of Romania, where the pollution factor is minimal, a stunning scenery and wildlife surrounded by acres of pristine fields, hills, forests and meadows, where time seems to remain frozen and a more traditional and authentic way of life prevails.

An unique diversity of flora there makes it perfect for beekeeping in such an unspoiled habitat.

Due to the Romania’s position at the confluence between panonic, continental, alpine, steppe and pontic (around the Black Sea) biogeographical regions, flora includes species with various origins and distribution, making it the most biogeographically diverse country of  Europe, thus, the Romanian bee fauna is being considered very rich and varied.


We trust that sustainable beekeeping is not only a fascinating way to explore the natural world, but also an important step in protecting and maintaining a healthy environment, providing safe home for bees where they could flourish.

Raw Pot is 100% ethical, we never overharvest and collect very little amounts from each beehive and leave the rest in the hives for the bees as these are the foods that they feed on too!

We strongly believe in nurturing a great awareness for saving the bees and practicing sustainable beekeeping which contributes only positively to biodiversity!

Environmentally friendly packaging

These days, we are becoming more and more aware of the effect of toxic food packaging is having on our health and on the environment. Therefore, we are committed to use-when possible- packaging that is both sustainable and more environmentally friendly when disposed of.


You can meet us! We are excited about building strong relationships with everyone we interact with every day!

We offer individualized, in-store and online nutritionist-approved advice and share recipes to support your personal path to long term wellness.

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